Transform your outdoor space with expert services designed with your vision and your budget. . Our team of skilled designers will create a customized plan that complements your home and enhances its natural beauty. From flower beds to hardscaping, we'll bring your vision to life.

Modern garden design


We work with you to give you the level of service you desire. Our comprehensive service ensures your property is always in optimal health and at its most beautiful.
The Blue Narwhal Garden services will maintain your property at whatever intervals you decide: weekly, monthly, or seasonally. We prepare a customized proposal for your maintenance needs, based on conversations with you and an evaluation of your property.

The proposal usually includes a price for basic maintenance tasks, including weeding, deadheading plants after blooming, and shearing and light pruning of shrubs and small trees.

We also include a more comprehensive proposal for optimal maintenance. This proposal will include our assessment of your garden’s needs for soil testing and possible amendments to keep your plants healthy, a fertilizer program for the year, and a program for applying pre-emergents to prevent weeds from sprouting, edging beds, and mulching. We monitor the health of your plants to identify any problems and bring them to your attention, along with possible remedial actions.


Garden Bed Installation

Transform your backyard with the expert garden bed installation services offered by The Blue Narwhal Garden. Our skilled team will design and create beautiful and functional garden beds tailored to your preferences and space. From raised beds for easy access to planting areas that enhance your landscape, we use sustainable practices to ensure the health and longevity of your plants. Let us help you bring your garden dreams to life and create a thriving green oasis that you'll love to spend time in. Experience the joy of gardening with The Blue Narwhal Garden's professional services.